Panel Applications Are Online!

Hit Us With Your Best Panels!

NatsuCon 2016 panel registration is open! Bring us your very best ideas and submit them as panels. From death defying anime adventures to lost treasures in video games, from traditional Japanese culture to leek-wielding Japanese pop artists, we are welcoming any and all types of panel applications. This does include a number of non-Japanese themed panels for other fandoms.

Panel Disclaimer:

With an ever-growing list of panel applications and main events, please be aware that not every panel submitted will be accepted. NatsuCon Programming will do our best to work with you and let you know as soon as possible whether or not your panel will be accepted. NatsuCon Programming reserves the right to decline panels that do not meet generally accepted moral conduct.

This year NatsuCon is offering the new ‘Premium Panelist’ option. Anyone may apply for ‘Premium Panelist’, but there are limited spots available.

What is a Premium Panelist?

A ‘Premium Panelist’ is a highly experienced panelist who has shown the NatsuCon Programming Staff that their panel is top-notch, well prepared, and content filled for a full hour of fun! ‘Premium Panelists’ will be expected to put their absolute best foot forward to bring as much to the table as they can offer, and provide panels that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

How do I become a Premium Panelist?

In order to become a ‘Premium Panelist’ you must:

  • Submit a Panelist Application.
  • Mention in the ‘Comments’ section of the application that you will be applying for a ‘Premium Panelist’.
  • Await a response from ‘’

What Will be Expected as a Premium Panelist?

Once you have received a confirmation email from ‘’ you must be ready to submit All of your panelist information at least Three Weeks before the start date of the convention. You must be ready to email the following information:

  • A highly detailed description of the entirety of your panel
  • A PowerPoint presentation if one is necessary (Usually recommended)
  • This year, NatsuCon is trying to prevent pirated anime and music from being shown. If your panel uses any type of illegally downloaded content, it WILL NOT be accepted as a premium panel. NatsuCon will provide reasonable access to anime if needed- just include it in your email.
  • All of your panel details must be emailed to ‘‘ by THREE WEEKS before the convention.

Finally- What are the Perks of being a Premium Panelist?

After successful completion of up to two panels, Premium Panelists will report to the Registration Desk to have $5 returned to them for each successful premium panel conducted. (A maximum of $10 can be refunded).

Premium Panelists:

Please be aware that NatsuCon will be very picky about which panels are chosen to be ‘Premium Panels’. Panels must be incredibly well thought out and proven. NatsuCon reserves the right to decline any submission to ‘Premium Panelist’ based on the content and effort put into the panels.

As Always- if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email