Main Events

Natsucon 2016 Main Events!

Natsucon has fun and exciting events planned this year! Keep an eye on this page as we update you with our ever-growing list of Main Events!


Opening Ceremonies

Opening ceremonies kick off in the afternoon on Friday! NatsuCon is unlike any other con, and opening ceremonies will reflect that. Make an appearance for fun and giveaways, meet some of the staff, and learn about special programs or changes to the schedule.

new Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess is a fun take on a mind-stimulating game! Come dressed as your favorite characters and take down the king!

UV Lite Party 5:The SPF Blocker

The annual UV Lite Party has been carefully constructed to yield the highest amount of dance, fun, and awesome possible in one events room! Featuring the best in music, it will certainly be a party.

Ramen Eating Contest:

Sundays at NatsuCon can mean only one thing: The Ramen Eating Contest! This will require participation by you. Eat as many steaming bowls of ramen as you can for honor and a chance for a fabulous prize! Come on down to cheer for returning champions or even a chance to participate yourself.


Saturday at NatsuCon: MASSQURADE! This will require 100% participation by you. Dress up as your favorite characters or display your groups cosplay skit. We will post more information here!

NatsuCon Charity Auction

Sunday we will hold a charity raffle to benefit a charity of your choice!