Terms & Agreements

Signing up for Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP’s Membership give you the ability to attend NatsuCon and any other related events! We want to make sure this is a fun and enjoyable experience for all that join, so we have some rules. We ask that you please follow them. Based on need we may adjust these rules to keep up with our goals.

NatsuCon Terms & Agreements
By submitting any forms to Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP you allow us to your personal information. Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP will not share your information with 3rd parties (solicitors and telemarketers). Your information is solely for records and allows you access to your pre-registration badge.

By registering for NatsuCon, Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP reserves the right to publish images and likenesses of you, the attendee, for any matter, promotional or otherwise. By registering, you agree to all NatsuCon Rules and Regulations at the convention, the full list of which may be found both in the program booklet, and on the website.

No refunds will be given for badges under any circumstances. Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP reserves the right to revoke badges for misconduct of any kind, at any time by a staff member or security. “Misconduct” is anything that violates the convention rules, the rules or instructions of the Convention Center or its staff, or anything that violates city, county, state, or federal law. After removal, Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP does not owe refunds for the revoked badge.  Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP is also not responsible for the venue staff or venue security and if they so wish to have your badge removed and you barred from their property, Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP cannot stop them.  If such a case were to happen, Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP does not owe a refund either.

By purchasing a badge for NatsuCon, you are liable for any other persons who may or may not have read this agreement, and will be subject to removal from the convention, as well as having your badge revoked.

Momo Summertime Enterprises NFP reserves the right to refuse service to any individual for any non-discriminatory reason and may exercise this right at its own discretion.