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IAmTheVillain Cosplay


Jennifer Taylor is an up and coming cosplayer from Westerville, Ohio. She has 12 years of experience in cosplaying, and 10 years in making costumes. Her love for costuming came from years of watching anime and cartoons on television, and imagining what it would be like to don costumes at conventions. She took all the home economic classes that she could in high school, mainly to refine sewing machine skills. While those skills were useful, over the years, these skills were not maintained, and Jennifer was forced to start over. Jennifer credits her husband, Jason, for teaching her the basics of sewing, and encouraging her to make her own costumes.

Throughout the years, Jennifer has been involved in various cosplay and skit contests. She has won several awards, and retired from contests in 2006 when her and her husband won “Best in Show” at Tsubasacon in West Virginia. Since then, her focus has shifted to running contests. She oversees the Cosplay Catwalk at Animation and Gaming Convention, and has done so since 2009. She loves seeing other people’s interpretations of cosplays, and really enjoys talking to children and teenagers about her love of cosplay. Her daughter is starting to get into cosplay, and Jennifer is helping to teach her how to make her own costumes (so she doesn’t have to do it!) She has coordinated and participated in a Children’s Hospital event for a close friend of hers, and is also involved with Walking with Superheroes in Columbus, Ohio.

Jennifer’s first costume was Sugar from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. She has also cosplayed as Wonder Woman, The Wind Pretear from Pretear, amongst other things. Some of her favorite cosplays have been in couples cosplays with her husband, which included San from Princess Mononoke and Mary Magdalene from Chrono Crusade. She has also done costumes for small productions, including the Multiverse Rumble and Musical at Animation and Gaming Convention every year. She has worked to expand her skills to props and plushies; such as an 8’ long Appa plushie from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Puppets of Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy 9, and her genderbent Loki costume, which included the helmet from Thor.
Jennifer’s work is not limited to just costumes. She also enjoys making clothing and crafting in general. You can see all of her work at her Facebook page www.facebook.com/IAmtheVillianCosplay.