Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a cosplay discount for NatsuCon?

No. Because our ticket price is so insanely low for everyone we are unable to add further discounts for cosplay. The only discount we offer, other than the Early Bird discount, is a military discount. As a thanks for their service the one discount we offer $5 off for a single day to current military personnel and veterans who show their IDs at registration, or $10 for the weekend pass!

If you are looking to lower the cost of attending volunteering is a good way to get some money back.


OH NO! I’ve lost my badge! What do I do?

First check the lost and found to see if a good Samaritan turned it in. If it is not there you can purchase a replacement badge for the remaining days of the convention you wish to attend. If your original badge turns up you can turn it in for a refund of the purchase price of the replacement badge.


Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering for a convention gives you an opportunity to meet and interact with staff, fellow attendees, and help out the convention at the same time. Above and beyond that, volunteers get $5 back towards the price of your badge for every 2 hours worked, and if you volunteer over ten (10) hours throughout the weekend you earn a free badge for the next NatsuCon or a free shirt! 15 hours volunteered earns you both! Plus, Super Volunteers will be invited to the Sunday night after-party!


Can my parent or someone else volunteer without a badge and put the money they earn towards my badge?

Volunteers must have a NatsuCon badge before they can start volunteer work, and the reimbursement they earn is credited towards their badge. The reimbursement and/or free badge is non-transferable, so if you want reimbursed you’ll have to Volunteer too!


Who are the guests? Because you should totally get ______!”

Our Guests of Honor will be announced as they are confirmed. If you have a suggestion for guests for next year please head over to our Facebook page and let us know!


Is “The Game” seriously banned from NatsuCon?

The short answer is “Yes, if you constantly annoy people with The Game, “buttscratcher!”, Marco Polo, or any other overdone internet or anime convention meme we reserve the right to pull your badge and remove you from the convention.”

The longer answer is that we support having fun and different internet memes, especially the clever ones. Screaming “I LOST THE GAME” or “BUTTSCRATCHER!” in a convention, though, is not clever. Playing Caramelldansen or any other music at full volume on your speakers in the hallway is not fun, funny, and is actually disruptive to ongoing panels and conversations around you. Music will be allowed at a reasonable volume indoors, and at full volume outdoors during con hours.

This rule can be summarized as “don’t be a jerk, and if you are asked to stop an activity stop it.”

How old do you have to be to attend NatsuCon?

The convention is open to all ages, however children under 12 MUST have an adult with them at all times. Children under 6 may receive free badges when a parent or guardian registers at full price. We reserve the right to request to see a birth certificate or other proof of age for the free pass. Children caught without adult supervision will be held by security until a guardian is located.


Do you really have to be 18+ to enter the 18+ events?

Yes. This is non-negotiable. You can’t be 18 minus 1 day, you must be 18 minimum. No exceptions, and proof of age will be required. We try to keep events as open as possible to all our attendees, so if an event does have an age requirement it’s set in stone.


When is [insert main event/panel here] going to be held?

Our staff is currently working on the schedule for NatsuCon 2016. Our schedule will be published as soon as it’s completed!

I’d like to have an awesome room party at the DoubleTree. Can I advertise it at the convention?

The DoubleTree has a strict no-tolerance policy for room parties. Hotel guests will be warned after an initial noise complaint. Upon the second receipt of complaint, guests will be asked to leave to hotel, and NatsuCon will not be able to appeal the decision for you.


What time does Exhibitors Hall open on [insert day here]?

The general schedule and complete schedule will be published as soon as they’re done.


What’s the theme for this year?

NatsuCon doesn’t feel the need to use a theme each year. We feel that a theme could limit the creativity of our panelists, guests, and artists, and lessen the experience for all attendees. Instead, we use the same basic concept every year: “NatsuCon is awesome! Let’s make this year better than every one before!” Perhaps at some point in the future we may have a theme, but it would have to be an amazing theme.