Vendor Memberships (Full Weekend access) Half-Table

(1 badges provided)

Full Table

(2 badges provided)


(4 badges provided)

You may purchase additional Exhibitors Badges starting July 1st
No Addons $75 $125 $250
Electricity $155 $205 $330
Wi-fi  $90 $140  $265
Electricity + Wi-fi $170 $210 $345

Why come to NatsuCon?

NatsuCon has been in the Greater St. Louis/Collinsville area for over 8 years. We welcome vendors from in or around our local area to display their art or showcase hard-to-find Japanese novelties and collectibles with us providing the maximum opportunity to sell or display your work!

  • Attendance of 2105: 2,000
  • Projected Attendance for 2016: 2,300
  • On-site staff to assist with the Convention Center and NatsuCon
  • Badges for your worker to participate in the Convention events
  • Ad Space (purchased separately email marketing@natsucon.org)
  • Access to load from private vehicles
  • Security on-site for Loss Prevention

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