St. Louis' Premiere Japanese Culture Convention Returns July 28-30th, 2017

July 28th - 30th 2017

What is NatsuCon?
"..a weekend to remember.."

NatsuCon is a Saint Louis metro-area based anime convention possessing the sole desire of expanding the appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of Japanese pop-culture in America. By the use of media ranging from art, to music, to visual screenings, NatsuCon strives to present attendees with an accepting, friendly environment allowing guests of all ages to meet and express similar interests. The staff and volunteers of NatsuCon all share the common wish of providing attendees with a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Through educational panels and interactive presentations and events based around precepts of Japanese culture, NatsuCon will offer its guests with an opportunity to empower themselves by increasing knowledge, diversity, and strength of character.

  • Anime

    Showing and discussing Anime and Managa

  • Culture

    DIscussing and Teaching ways to embrace and understand Japanese Culture

  • Fun

    NatsuCon is a fun educational event for all walks of life!